Wilchester Women's Club

The Wilchester Women's Club is an organization to meet the cultural and social interest of the women in both Wilchester and Wilchester West subdivisions.  The group has regular meetings and programs for all interests.  Please check out our mini-groups  to find an area of interest.  Also, on the website you will find our Board Members/Committees to contact for questions.  We hope that you will join us at a future event.



Social Club: Will meet three times this year for food, drinks and fun!
arty dates are November 10, February 15, and April 12 Additional dues

Cathy Blundell  (210) 882-8832  cathyblundell@aol.com

Anne Rose  (281) 660-8816  weitzelrose@gmail.com

Deana Haygood  (713) 542-1179  deana@tntcrane.com


Mother’s Club: Mom’s Night Out events, children’s parties, and playgroups
http://www.wilchestermothersclub.com/ – Additional dues $20

Laura Fletcher (832) 754-8623 wmcmembership@gmail.com

Catherine Henry  (713) 870-4880  catleigh81@aol.com

Allison Baker  (832) 689-2251  apbaker9@gmail.com


Book Discussion Club: Meets the 2nd Thursday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Judy Chiburis  (713) 973-1303  rlchibu@msn.com


Dinner Club: Couples wine and dine!

Cindy Lawson  (713) 464-6383  lawson33@aol.com

Monique Johnson  (281) 579-7676  dejavu819@sbcglobal.net


Sunshine Committee: A neighborhood tradition of assisting new families

Jana Austin  (979) 777-9630  j.emola.austin@gmail.com


Opera Study Group: Learn more about the Opera & attend performances.
Meets on various 1st Fridays during the opera season

Imelda Gott   (713) 647-0392  imeldagott@me.com

Out-to-Lunch-Bunch: Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month for lunch.

Donna Selke  (832) 328-5851  edanddonnaselke@gmail.com
Bonnie McLemore  (713) 932-7013  bonnie-mc@comcast.net


Wilchester Women Give Back: Be a part of our neighborhood outreach group
and learn how you and your family can serve those in need.

Patrice Jegi  (832) 277-3499  patricejegi@yahoo.com