Wilchester Club Pool 2020 Updates

The Wilchester Pool will officially open for the 2020 summer on May 23!  The pool will open with mandated reduced capacity, please see capacity limits posted on red sign at pool.  See below for information on hours of operation, Covid-19 special guidelines, Swim Team information and more.  Please take the time to read the Covid 19 special guidelines as this will give you more information on your pool visit.  While no private pool parties are being reserved until after July 4th, the July 4th neighborhood pool party is still in the works, we will update more as we get information regarding the re-opening plans from the state!

Wilchester Club Pool 2020 season is Sat May 23 through Sun Sep 27 (weekends only after Aug 9).
Wilchester Club 2020 Pool Hours.pdf
Covid 19 Special Guidelines.pdf