Gas Lamps and their role in street lighting and safety
Your HOA has noticed an increasing amount of gas lamps that are not burning or inoperable.  As a resident of the Wilchester West neighborhood you are required to maintain a functional gaslight.  This is for the safety of residents during hours of darkness and for the aesthetics of the neighborhood. 

As per the Wilchester West deed restrictions, Sec 3.18, ….street lights shall be kept burning during all hours of darkness by the Owner of each Lot.  We would like to have full compliance by the end of October to provide a safe and bright Halloween.

Should you need to contact someone for repair, we provide the following names below, or you can use any service provider of your choice. 

·        Stephen Delgado, Texas Gas Works, 832-887-3895

·        Southwest Light & Grill Co 281-498-1364

The Gas Lamps were made by  - Gas Light America
  They are Part Number GL1700.

You can buy the Glass Globe from ACE on Memorial - $65.00 - P/N GLP10
If you need more parts for the Head you can buy the head assembly at:
Amazon - $462.00 or Grill Doctor - $277.00

Prices based on latest research but subject to change.  The board is not endorsing listed contractors or stores, for informational purposes only.

Thank you for helping to maintain the beauty, charm and safety of our neighborhood.