Wilchester Club Overview

The recreational amenities of Wilchester and Wilchester West have been owned by the Wilchester Club since the development of the subdivisions during the 1960s. All home owners of record of Wilchester and Wilchester West are members of these facilities and pay for maintenance and/or any renovations via their annual homeowner's association fees. Wilchester Club directors are elected by all homeowners, and are directly responsible to them.

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The Wilchester Club offers the following amenities:


The Wilchester Club boasts three beautiful pools, a competition pool with a 1-meter diving well, a rock pool, and a baby pool. Both the competition and the rook pool also feature water slides. The pools are located on the SE corner of the intersection of St. Mary’s and Yorkchester

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Tennis Courts

The Wilchester Club also has three tennis courts, located at the SE corner of the intersection of Memorial and Wilcrest.

We have three women's teams and five men's teams! In addition, we have mixed doubles Please visit our tennis page to view when these groups meet and for more information!

Park & Playground

Make plans to come out and enjoy this new facility, located at the SE Corner of Wilcrest and Memorial. Parking is available off Wilcrest. We have a new pavilion to keep you cool in the shade and you can picnic with your family under the oak trees.

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